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Kalvariju str. 14, 09309 Vilnius,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751797,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751446,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2715550,
Fax.: (+370) 5 2721262,
Opening hours
8.30 - 18.30

Tours in Lithuania


During this walking tour legends and secrets that surround the Old Town of Vilnius will be revealed to you by the professional guide. While wandering through the narrow streets you will hear about the Black Book of Great Magician Tvardauskas, the Wise Men of the Old Jewish Ghetto, a Ghost in the Catacombs at the Dominican Church, Black Angels, Vilnius dragon, St. Casimir's stork, and the wonders of the Gates of Dawn.

Meet the mysterious face of Vilnius with us!

Duration: ~2 hours
Group: 6 - 30 persons.
Languages: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Polish and other.

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