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Kalvariju str. 14, 09309 Vilnius,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751797,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751446,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2715550,
Fax.: (+370) 5 2721262,
Opening hours
8.30 - 18.30


SPA Vilnius SANA

SPA Vilnius SANA is a medical and wellness SPA offering health-resort treatment with mineral water and mud-cure. The SPA Vilnius SANA centre provides relaxation, wellness, prophylactic treatment, diagnostics, catering, and conference organization services.

The eight-storey hotel featuring an elegant and functional Scandinavian style has many natural interior materials. Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is created by the use of pastel colours and sparse lighting. Romantics and those who like Oriental exotic interiors can choose specific, originally designed apartments. In the hotel guests will find all the four star hotel conveniences common for the hotels in EU.


K. Dineikos st. 1, LT66165 Druskininkai, Lithuania.


The 4-star SPA Vilnius SANA hotel is located in a convenient and picturesque place near the park, the stream of Ratnyčėlė and a few steps away from the town centre.


There are 177 rooms in SPA Vilnius SANA hotel: 24 single, 95 double, 13 junior deluxe, 5 deluxe, 14 deluxe premium, 10 studio, 7 junior suites, 7 suites and 2 family suite rooms. Most of them are very functional and comfortable even for the bigger families. All hotel rooms have stunning views of lush greenery of Druskininkai resort.

Double/Twin room facilities: interactive TV with 16 free television channels and 4 radio stations, a work desk, and direct dial phones in the room. There is a shower and a hairdryer and there are towels in the bathroom. There are bathrobes in the bedroom. Every room has a balcony.

SPA centre

The SPA Vilnius SANA is one of the biggest and most modern SPA centres in Lithuania. There guests will find progressive new treatment techniques, traditional across-the-ages Oriental medical treatments and aromatic herbal baths.

Experienced doctors will help guests with their health and emotional concerns, recommend treatments, prescribe wellness programmes according to their specific needs and supervise them during the stay. More than 356 different kinds of wellness treatments for health, beauty, relaxation and rest is offered.

The pride of the SPA and the joy of its guests is an 18 meters long mineral water swimming pool. It is constantly refilled from SPA Vilnius SANA own mineral water spring.

In SPA centre you will recover the harmony of your senses and soul. Music, colour and aroma therapies will energise your visual, auditory and nasal receptors, while the curative baths and healthy food will renew the sensation of tastes and rejuvenate the skin. Special SPA treatments will sharpen your mind, boost your energy and clear off all the negative thoughts. You will feel much stronger, self-assured, determined, more sensible and beautiful and full of optimism. You will not only feel beautiful you will look beautiful as well. The skin of your body will be firm and smooth, your posture - elegant, the skin of your face will be bright and your eyes will sparkle with joy. Isn't it the way the fortunate ones look like?

Restaurants & Bars

There is a restaurant, the SPA bar and "Atlantida" leisure centre café in the SPA Vilnius SANA complex.

Restaurant offers a convenient buffet style catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menu contains fresh appetizers and main courses, salads, fruits, desserts, refreshing drinks, freshly baked bread and buns. Luxurious and romantic dinner with specially ordered dishes and individual serving can be arranged in the restaurant's VIP room.

SPA bar offers a variety of exceptionally delicious SPA dishes prepared with mineral water. Guests will also be able to try out low mineralization mineral water from the SPA Vilnius SANA spring, for free. SPA bar and restaurant also make a special "SPA Vilnius" herbal tea with mineral water.

Conference centre

"SPA Vilnius" conference centre - it is 10 modern, technologically equipped, different-size halls with professional technical equipment. With the capacity of 900 people "SPA Vilnius" is the only conference centre which fascinates with mysterious spirit of ancient civilisations: The Maya and Aztecs symbols on the stained glass, Easter Island silhouettes, Nazca lines and Babylon garden motives.

Druskininkai leisure and wellness SPA Vilnius SANA conference centre (with the capacity 900) offers a new service - "SPA Conferences". Instead of just simple coffee breaks guests can enjoy a relaxing and energy boosting Burma massages. Professional masseurs can offer their services to 10 conference participants at one time. During massages they will be able to enjoy nature surrounding SPA Vilnius SANA.

Other facilities and services

Fitness / gym, elevator, safe deposit boxes, laundry service, porter service, parking, beauty salon "SPA beauty".

The leisure centre "Atlantida" offers you not only to enjoy a cup of coffee in an impressive interior café, but also to have a lot of fun playing pool, billiards or bowling.




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