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Yacht rental (from Klaipeda and Nida) , the leaders of yacht rental, invite to rest on water with the newest and the most modern sailing yachts, which could be rented in Lithuania at this moment.

Bareboat charter

You won't find better holidays than to sail yacht by yourself and to sail by chosen route. Lithuania has an excellent coast - the Curonian Lagoon, Nida, Minge, Sventoji. People, who have more time, may visit other ports of the Baltic Sea.

When you rent a yacht without a captain (skipper), you need only one crew member, who is qualified to steer a yacht. Qualification degrees (diplomas) well-known and acknowledged in Europe- RYA/MCM, IYT etc documents are aknowledged.

Crewed rental

Sailing skills are not necessary for those, who want to sail, wish is enough. Clients are invited to sail with skippers. In these comfortable yachts you will feel like at home. Sailing with yachts is exclusive - you will also be as a crew member with all his rights and obligations. It would spice up your holiday.

Rent for regattas

Several interesting and very different sport boat regattas are arranged in the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. You are invited to join professionals and to experience sporting ardor.

Rent for companies

Team work is very important in the yacht. offers team formation trainings in the yacht. team believes that when you will return to your offices after such trainings, you will better know each other.

Special one day trip for team formation trainings have been prepared, also individual orders are possible.

Sailing for leisure

Sailing or rest in the yacht may be applied not only for sport or tourism purposes. With yachts you can:
Celebrate bachelor party and become wolves of the sea
Celebrate hen-party and capture a man's heart
Celebrate wedding and be solemnized by the captain
Spend time romantically for pairs

Trips offers worked-out and convenient trips for one day, two days or for a longer period of time. staff emphasizes that it is very easy to sail in our latitude - winds are predictive here, there are no flushes and floods. yachts sail from Klaipeda and Nida. All Lithuanian and the Baltic ports could be reached.

More information is available on request.

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