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Kalvariju str. 14, 09309 Vilnius,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751797,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751446,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2715550,
Fax.: (+370) 5 2721262,
Opening hours
8.30 - 18.30


VICHY aqua park (Vilnius)

The „Vichy" aqua park - hospitable and exotic, so called the last paradise in the world, Polynesian environment and mood.

The park is equipped by 8 the most modern in the Baltic countries attractions. Little ones are invited to the playing court „Playing island", created specially to them, where they will find about 50 various attractions.

For those, who want to relax the park offers "Lava" saunas, whiсh invite you to try saunas of different types, where visitors can experience all the variety of Polynesian climate.

Hungry ones are always welcome in a snack bar „Aloha bistro", and those, who want to refresh the park invites to the „Alita" and „Švyturys" bars. „Aloha" restaurant invites everybody, who wants to taste exotic, specially served dishes in straw huts, surrounded by real palms and sand.

Working hours 

II-V : 12:00-22:00

Address: Ozo g. 14 C, Vilnius, Lithuania


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