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Kalvariju str. 14, 09309 Vilnius,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751797,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751446,
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SPA Amber Massage (Vilnius)


Amber Massage SPA is an energy source of untouched pristine Sun and Earth which is concentrated in one space - amber space.

This world seems so chaotic that we long for the moments of tranquillity, exceptional attention and slower flow of time. Nature gives us a bay of tranquillity. Listen to the breathing of the waves of the Baltic Sea, converge with it and feel the pulse of the Universe.

The idea of Amber Massage SPA is sanus per amber - health from amber.
Amber is a source of creative power, belief and optimism. It not only gives physical strength and courage but also helps to stay healthy. It is a long-known fact that amber jewellery gives inner serenity and joy.

Amber Massage SPA offers:

Amber procedures

Amber massage allows balancing energy processes in the human body. When the surface of skin is properly rubbed with amber negative ions are distinguished, metabolism of energy is promoted, the bio-active points are stimulated, the physical and emotional stress and fatigue are eliminated, blood circulation is improved, oxidation of the cells is prevented and regeneration of the cells is stimulated. Amber acid gets into the deep layer of the skin through the skin pores, accelerates energy metabolism in the cells, eliminates toxins, promotes the growth of new healthy tissues, and helps to restore skin elasticity, bounce and natural colour. The massage is performed with the powder of amber, beads of light amber and bags of warm amber. The procedure allows forgetting the daily round, and gently takes into the inner sea of quietness.


Address: Ausros Vartu 15, Vilnius, Lithuania

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