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Kalvariju str. 14, 09309 Vilnius,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751797,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2751446,
Tel.: (+370) 5 2715550,
Fax.: (+370) 5 2721262,
Opening hours
8.30 - 18.30


ONE adventure park (Druskininkai)

"ONE Adventure park" is located in Druskininkai on the shore of the river Nemunas. The adventure park invites those who are looking for active and interesting outdoor leisure! Most of its tree tops tracks are arranged so that while moving up and down picturesque views open towards the river Nemunas.


All the tracks in „ONE adventure park" are equipped in the trees. The height of the track and the quantity of the contests that it comprises depends on the complexity of the chosen track. It offers 10 tracks of 3 km length in total: more than 130 contests, including full of adrenaline 30 zip lines from tree to tree (4 of them go over the river Nemunas). The most extreme track is more than 400 meters length zip line over river Nemunas: "Extreme Tarzan's Flight over Nemunas". The longest track is more than 600 meters and is the longest of its kind in Lithuania.

Adults can choose tracks "Green", "Blue", "Red", "Black", "Tarzan's Flight over Nemunas", "Extreme Tarzan's Flight over Nemunas" and "Race Track".

"ONE Adventure park" is friendly to people of all ages. Its staff will take care of little ones who just started their first steps as well as people who already have seen a lot. Tracks can be chosen according to ones physical preparation and amount of courage.

Social activity

"ONE Adventure park" is active supporter of children and youth events, creative projects. It cooperates in social and educational projects.
Also it offers perfect environment for companies' team-building fresh air sessions.

Working hours

In March - October: from 10 AM till 8 PM (last group), kids allowed till 9 PM. In November - February: from 10AM till 4:30 PM (last group), kids allowed till 5:30 PM.

The park is open all year round every day. Night expeditions are available.


The park is located in a strategically comfortable location - in the very centre of Druskininkai, next to Druskininkai Aqua park.


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